Patrick by Gered.jpg

Clothing is transformative. Clothing makes you feel. Clothing is a signifier. Clothing is fetishised. Clothing is a catalyst. Clothing comes at a price. Clothing is practical. Clothing is impractical. Clothing liberates. Clothing typecasts. Clothing is an enabler. Clothing identifies. Clothing makes you perform. Clothing revolts. Clothing excites.  Clothing is evidence. Clothing is history. Clothing is culture. Clothing enslaves. Clothing is sensory. Clothing connects people. Clothing divides people. Clothing is wasteful.  Clothing gives life. Clothing is fashion. Clothing is not fashion. Clothing communicates. Clothing is loaded.

Styling: Susie Lloyd

Photography: Gered Mankowitz

Model: Patrick Wolf

Clothing: Alexander McQueen



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